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Understanding Mobile Phones

There are three types of savings an organisation can make from a convergent solution: call costs, infrastructure and productivity. Savings delivered through convergence Although call cost savings are the easiest to measure, they provide the least scale for savings. More benefits can be derived through infrastructure efficiencies and productivity. Infrastructure savings are delivered through fixed-line

Designing Web for Mobile Devices

Now, before you roll your eyes thinking this is yet another marketing task to fit into your week and budget, think of it as a new approach. Try eliminating a more antiquated marketing technique like Yellow Pages or newspaper ads and put the time and budget into your mobile web presence. You’ll be able to

From fruit to a portable turbine: How to charge your phone

Luckily there are a few clever – and downright batty – methods of charging up your smartphone without needing to plug it into the mains. We’ve all experienced the sinking feeling of seeing our phone run out of batteries There are obvious ways to get some juice in your gizmo, such as using a hand

How to Properly Charge a IPhone Battery

Small changes in the way you use your smartphone can go a long way. Without realizing it, you may be slowing down your iPhone or damaging your phone’s battery. INSIDER’s beauty writer Brianna Arps learned this the hard way. Arps, who spends much of her time taking pictures of products or snapping the perfect selfie, lost about 33,000 photos